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Alistair McCreath is a seasoned finance professional who specializes in manufactured equity. He is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. His extensive experience in property investment ranges from parts of England to numerous states across the U.S., including:









New York

Why Real Estate Investing?


alistair-mccreathAlistair McCreath has been a real estate principal for 25+ years and considers property investment to be the most high-potential, reliable, and long-term aspect of financial planning for anyone who wants to create supplemental income. Although up-and-coming professionals tend to rely on stocks to plan their futures, their volatility and overall lack of asset value are cause for concern when it comes to applying for loans and starting a portfolio. People who want loans for real estate properties, on the other hand, are likely to receive between 80 and 90 percent of what they need.

Real estate investments are safer, offer more long-term benefits, and generally have higher leveraging factors– all of which can help you build a portfolio with high returns. Alistair McCreath has devoted his career to helping people throughout South Africa purchase fixer-upper properties, fill them with strong tenants, and subsequently earn a steady stream of rent payments that will help them pay off their debts and mortgage payments. Ultimately, real estate investments benefit both the investor and the overall market in which they are investing.

Find Your Financial Freedom

Alistair McCreath helps his clientele achieve financial freedom through real estate investment properties– and as a noted consultant in financial services, he can then help them manage their supplemental income for the best results.

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